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Arizona Cattle Growers Association

The Arizona Cattle Growers Association Protects a Legacy

Just think about the statistics involved: $1.7 billion in terms of annual economic impact to Arizona state as a whole, $521 million in export revenue every year, a food output that can essentially feed up to 8 million people in total every 12 months or 1.4 billion meals with beef as the main course, a production that doesn’t stop or is affected by seasonal changes, and a state industry that represents as many as 6,029 farms or ranches raising cattle. There is no question that Arizona cattle ranchers have a global impact. Their product can finish its distribution trip in places as far away as premier steakhouse in Tokyo and as near as Phoenix and Mesa or a small restaurant south of Blanding in the four corners region. There is no question that Arizona cattle ranchers are part of the world market today. And the Arizona Cattle Growers Association is established to protect this legacy and keep it growing for years to come. Protecting the rights of ranchers and making sure their interests are represented in proposed changes that come up in government and business discussions, the Association insures that Arizona ranchers have a seat at the table before the industry is impacted further.

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