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Arizona Cattlelog

The Arizona Cattlelog News Source

With over 6,000 cattle ranches and farms operating today across Arizona, getting industry news out and in everybody’s hands can be a bit of a project. Further, it happens on a regular even daily basis around the clock. The Arizona Cattle Growers Association is a key player in moving and distribution industry new to its members and communities impacted by cattle ranching. Through various tools, include the Arizona Cattlelog, issues that affect ranchers and cattle growers are moved quickly and efficiently to ensure everyone involved gets the greatest amount of news possible as fast as possible. Many issues that crop up in food, land use and property rights regulation can seem very mundane at first, but the implications if put into action unnoticed can be massive and long-term. The Association works tirelessly to educate on such impacts and to communicate to members when new topics are coming up on what to watch out for. Become a member and have a better idea today what’s happening that will affect tomorrow in the ranching industry.

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