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Cattle Growers Association

The Cattle Growers Association Represents an Arizona Institution

Cattle ranching has been an institution in Arizona since its earliest history dating back to 1690 when the first ranches were established in the region. With 300 years of history, cattle ranching is as much a part of Arizona’s legacy as the desert and water are as well. Livestock farming is an integral part of the state’s culture, having shaped its values and industry in a land of beauty and challenge for early settlers. Today, that rancher spirit still lives, represented by over 6,000 farms and cattle ranches statewide. Raising cattle stock for food product is as much a part of Arizona’s way of life as is the desert and being in the outdoors. The Cattle Growers Association has worked tirelessly to preserve and protect this aspect of the state’s history and livelihood, insuring the ongoing growth of a $1.7 billion industry that provides jobs, food, prosperity and income for thousands of Arizonians. Where issues encroach that put the cattle industry at risk, the Association is there as a bulwark and defense. Where there is the opportunity to grow and expand the value of cattle-ranching, the Association is there to promote. Working tirelessly, the Cattle Growers Association is Arizona today. Become a member and find out more.

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