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Arizona Cattlelog

The Arizona Cattlelog magazine is a reliable, credible source of information for the ranchers and natural resource managers of Arizona. Established in 1945 by Abbie Keith,  who served as our association Secretary at the time, the Arizona Cattlelog is the official publication of the Arizona Cattle Growers’ Association. The magazine provides in-depth news and education to members. It is published monthly and is included as part of a member's dues. 

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The Arizona Cattlelog finds its way into legislative offices, bookstores, libraries, businesses, and of course our members' living rooms. With such a widespread disruption the Arizona Cattlelog is the go-to source for all things ranching in Arizona. 

Whether promoting a sale, pharmaceutical products, fencing, consulting services, or marketing other products and services, make sure to reach the customers you are looking for. The Cattlelog has been bringing buyers and sellers together for more than 77 years, providing marketing that makes sense and works for you. In addition to the monthly magazine, ACGA publishes a weekly newsletter and other email blasts with the latest industry news.

For more information about advertising in the Cattlelog or any other of ACGA's publications, please use our contact page. 

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