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Cattlemen’s Association

The Cattlemen’s Association as a Job Creation Force

Imagine what it takes to run over 6,000 ranches across Arizona state. Each ranch likely employs dozens of individuals, they generate thousands of dollars each in supplies and vendor materials bought to maintain the ranch operation, they produce thousands of dollars in income for farmers and ranchers who in turn spend those funds in local communities on other businesses, and that generates jobs for more businesses to meet demand as well. There is no question that the Arizona cattle ranch is a driving force in the state’s economy, and it affects all types of businesses big and small. Thousands are employed and benefit from the industry, and their families turn around and benefit other industries as a result. This highly integrated impact is woven into the culture and fabric of Arizona, and it is the Cattleman’s Association that works daily to protect ranching at every level. Rather than letting changes happen blindly, the Association’s goal is to make sure anything impacting the industry has been fully vetted, and risks to the state’s cattle-ranching economy are fully understood. It’s through knowledge the best decisions are made, and the Association works tirelessly to educate many as a result.

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