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Arizona Cattle Industry Research & Education Foundation (ACIF)

Founded in 1982, ACIF, has supported Arizona's cattle industry. Devoted to carrying out exclusively scientific, charitable and educational purposes for the benefit of and in connection with the Arizona Cattle Growers Association.

OUR Mission
  • Promote awareness and knowledge in the community about the benefits of the Arizona cattle industry. 

  • Educate, promote and encourage research and development programs related to the Arizona beef industry. 

  • Conduct fundraising activities for the scientific, charitable and educational needs of the Arizona cattle industry. 

  • Provide funds for education programs and scholarships for persons pursuing studies in subjects directly and indirectly related to the cattle industry. 

  • Engage in activities and programs which encourage and promote the general interests of the cattle industry.

  • The Foundation has provided funding to the University of Arizona Livestock Judging Team each year they have had a team since 2003.  The Judging Team has received 19 awards totaling $62,800. 

  • The Foundation has provided $22,100 to send young Arizona cattlemen to the NCBA Young Cattlemen’s Conference for seven years. 

  • Wolf Study Grant of $20,000 approved in 2015. 

  • Economic Study Grant of $5,000 approved in 2013. Forest Guidebook: $10,000 grant approved in 2010.

  • Resource Management Education: $25,000 grant approved in 2008. 

  • Forest Plan Research: $20,000 approved, half in 2006, the other half in 2007. 

  • ACGA “Keeper of the Range” Commemorative Book: $101,000. “Arizona Ranch Raised Book”: $28,000

  • “Arizona Ranch Raised Book”: $28,000 


From donations and earnings, ACIF has (since 1993):

  • Established scholarship endowments totaling over $444,000 which generate income to provide college scholarships. 

  • Awarded grants of over $420,000 directly to ACGA for specific industry projects and programs. 

  • Awarded grants of $368,500 to other industry organizations for specific industry projects and programs. 

  • Awarded scholarships of $605,700 to college students who are pursuing studies in courses and careers directly or indirectly related to the cattle industry.

The Foundation’s Grant Program supports research and education that contribute to healthy and open landscapes. Our grant program has supported community outreach in the following ways:

  • Public workshops

  • County fair awards

  • 4H and FFA livestock judging teams

  • Book publication

  • The Summer Ag Institute

Research we have supported includes:

  • Wolf, Jaguar and willow flycatcher studies

  • Rangeland plant projects

Our grants have supported:

  • Arizona Cattle Growers' Association

  • Society for Range Management

  • Future Farmers of America

  • University of Arizona

  • Arizona State Cowbelles

  • Summer Ag Institute

  • Project CENTRL


President: Jim Webb
Vice President: Mike Macauley
Secretary: Sandy Eastlake
Treasurer: Ron Allen
Business Manager & Statutory Agent: Grant Boice

Expires 2023: Bill Brake, Keith Cannon, Sandy Eastlake, Jeff Homack, Mike Macauley and,Tom Ryan

Expires 2024: Ron Allen, Galyn Knight, Cassie Lyman, Susan Wilson-Sanders, Linda Vensel, and Jim Webb

Expires 2025: Chuck Backus, Jesse Davis, John Fowler, Pam Griffin, Trever Hall, Catherine Mann

Past presidents of the:
Arizona Cattle Growers' Association: Andy Groseta

Arizona Cattle Feeders Association, Richie Kennedy
Arizona State Cowbelles: Marie Pyeatt

Jolene Miller, Trustee Emeritus
Louis Maxcy, Trustee Emeritus
Bill McGibbon, Trustee Emeritus

  • Memorials

  • Cash or cash equivalents

  • Stocks/bonds/marketable securities

  • Mutual funds/retirement plan designations

  • Will codicils

  • Trusts

  • Real estate (without mortgages or liens)

  • Tangible personal property: stamps/coins/etc.

  • Life insurance policies or proceeds

  • Oil and gas royalties


The Arizona Cattle Industry Research and Education Foundation is a qualified nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Donations to the Foundation are charitable contributions and deductible from taxable income. Make contributions payable to: ACIF PO BOX 2619 MESA, AZ 85214.

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