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2nd annual 50/50 raffle - donate at least one HEIFER or steer to ACGA (through a sale barn) and be entered to win half of the proceeds of all the cattle donated. Each heifer donated will equate to one ticket in the drawing! If 200 heifers are donated the winner will receive $70,000.00!! Must donate your heifer or send ACGA a check prior to July 18th! The winner will be chosen at the 2019 Summer Convention during the Jackpot Heifer Raffle on July 25th!


Must be a member of ACGA to participate. This means dues have to be paid for the year 2019. If for some reason you have not received a membership renewal, or are not a current member, go on line to azcattlemensassoc.org and become a member.

Donated heifer or steer must weigh at least 450 lbs.

Inspect heifer to Auction Barn like normal but you must specify that the proceeds of the sale go to Arizona Cattle Growers’.

You may donate as many as you like, you will receive a ticket for each animal donated.  For example, 2 heifers, 2 tickets, 2 chances to win.

If you do not have a heifer, you may buy one at the sale barn and then resale her for ACGA. You could also donate a steer. You can also send ACGA a check for the value of a heifer.

Participating Sale Barns: Willcox Livestock, Marana Stockyards, Prescott Livestock Auction and Valley Livestock Auction. They are all ready to receive your heifer.

Last sale day before summer convention is the week of July 15th.

Questions?  Call Jake Warner 805 610-4056, Brian DeGanahl 928 925-3355, Billy Elkins 928 243-0326, or the ACGA office 602 267-1129

Drawing will be at the Summer Convention on July 25th at 12pm during the Jackpot Heifer Raffle Lunch! Do not have to be present to win.

The first ever Jackpot Heifer Raffle held at the 2019 winter meeting - the Flakes went home with an $11,646.69 check!!!