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Wanted: grass & care for 100-300 mother cows from now until March or longer if possible.  Lyndell Whipps, Whipps Land & Cattle Company, Inc.  308-340-7324
Superintendent, V-V Ranch ~ Rimrock, AZ

The Superintendent will lead and administer the 70,000-acre and 500 cow grazing permit at V-V Ranch (V-V) and the 40-acre Cracchiolo DK Ranch (DK) to support research, instruction, and Extension activities performed by University, public and private partners. These are two of 10 Units in the University of Arizona, Arizona Experiment Station (http://experimentstation.arizona.edu). Responsibilities and duties are numerous; from Strategic Planning to ensure the relevance of ongoing and future research activities, coordination and cooperation with Coconino National Forest in the administration of the grazing permit, recruiting and supporting faculty users, and contributing to educational, extension, and research activities, overseeing support staff, engaging with industry and stakeholders, transitioning to self-sustainability, achieving entrepreneurial opportunities, and professionally representing the University. V-V and DK infrastructure includes Forest Service grazing permits, cattle handling facilities, fields, shops, equipment, personnel, and long-term cattle performance and genomic data. Included is a requirement to reside at the V-V to provide day-to-day and 24-hour emergency services as needed. The Superintendent is responsible for managing the $840K annual operating budget, as well as execution and delivery of contractual services and agreements generating ~$400K revenue annually. V-V and DK currently employ 5 staff members.
Please apply at: https://arizona.csod.com/ux/ats/careersite/4/home/requisition/11499?c=arizona
Assistant Director, Water Project ~ Tucson, AZ

The Natural Resource Use and Management Clinic at the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law, in close coordination with the University’s Cooperative Extension Service and Natural Resource Users Law and Policy Center, will soon be able to represent small claimants in the General Stream Adjudication, who are in need of legal representation and meet certain criteria, from case initiation through settlement negotiation, but not trial.  Legal services will be provided by law students studying environmental and water law and will be overseen by a water law attorney. This project will be staffed during business hours and have a phone number for unrepresented claimants to call and inquire about the General Stream Adjudication and what it means for them. The Clinic is in the process of looking for a water law attorney to supervise the students. 
Please apply at: https://arizona.csod.com/ux/ats/careersite/4/home/requisition/7389?c=arizona


Southern Arizona Hay Farm and Cattle operation is immediately hiring a family/couple. This is a hay-growing and sales farm along with a pure-bred black Angus cow-calf operation.

The farm consists of 240 acres with 180 acres of hay operation under two pivots.  We sell hay, registered bulls, and replacement heifers. In addition, we have a direct market beef program.  Currently, there are 150 head of AAA cows and bulls.  The operation also has a northern pasture where cattle graze 6 months out of the year that is run separately. The cows' birth calves at the hay farm for record-keeping purposes and then are transferred to leased pastures.  Applicant must have extensive knowledge of growing hay, operating a swather, 3x4x8 baler, center pivots, repair and maintenance of equipment, welding, etc.  Must be experienced with cattle and horses.

Salary with benefits starts at $55,000 with a potential performance bonus and a half beef a year.  There is a three-bedroom, two-bath apartment on site that is included.

Applicant must be an honest, reliable self-starter with a solid work ethic. Good communication skills include word, excel, email, and text messaging! You must be a non-smoker and drug-free with a valid driver’s license.  A background check is mandatory for our bonding purposes.

If interested send an email to aznaturalfarm@gmail.com