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Executive Committee

Executive Committee left to right: Mike Wear, Member-at-Large; Billy Elkins, President; Richard Searle, Treasurer; Jack Mann, Secretary; Jay Whetten, Immediate Past President; Emmett Sturgill, 1st VP; John Ladd, 2nd VP; and Robbie Sproul, Member-at-Large.

Board of Directors

Gary Kiehne

Steve Layton

Fred Davis

Luke Becker

Michael Hemovich

Jeff Homack

Doug Stacy

Brian deGanahl

Leatta McLaughlin

Dan Rodriguez


AZ Strip






La Paz



Mark Carlisle

Clay Parsons

Catherine Mann

Dean Fish

Keith Cannon

James English

Baraquiel Molina

Carie Hughes

Suzanne Menges

Ben Menges




Santa Cruz


Business Rep


AZ Cowbelles


R for T

Committee Chairs 

The following is how our leadership structure is organized, including executive committee membership oversight, committee chairs, and staff support:

      1st VP: Emmett Sturgill (Staff Support: Gaither Martin)

            Ag Policy: Fred Davis & Roger Warner

            Federal Lands: Emmett Sturgill & Brain deGanahl

                              Forest: Teresa Hicks & John Fowler

                              PLC: Emmett Sturgill

                              BLM: Brian deGanahl

            Legislative: Gary Kiehne

            State & Private Lands: Jack Mann & John Ladd

            Wildlife: Richard Searle & Mike Wear

                                             Wolf: Jeff Menges

      2nd VP: John Ladd (Staff Support: Summer Johnson)

            Business Members: James English

            Convention: Billy Elkins & Robbie Sproul

            Education: Suzanne Menges & Susan Wilson Sanders

            Native American: Phillip Bravo & Bill Inman

            Membership: Anne Marie Moore

            Structure: Lori Sturgill

            Winter Meeting: Mackenzie Kimbro

      Immediate Past President: Jay Whetten (Staff Support: Ashlee Mortimer)

            Arizona Ranchers for Tomorrow: Ben Menges

            Nominating: Jay Whetten

            Communications: Rick Bader

      Members-at-Large: Robbie Sproul & Mike Wear (Staff Support: Ashlee Mortimer)

            Border: John Ladd & Ted Noon

            Bylaws: Fred Davis

            Traceability: Jay Whetten

            Water: Jay Whetten

      Secretary: Jack Mann (Staff Support: Summer Johnson)

            New Technology: Steve Boice

            Parliamentarian: Ben Menges

      Treasurer: Richard Searle (Staff Support: Gaither Martin)

            Finance & Budget: Richard Searle

            Fundraising: Robbie Sproul & Gaither Martin