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It is time to talk policy...

Der readers,

It is time to not just talk about policy but actively participate in the policy development process! Policy Development is where ACGA’s members, through our grassroot focus, create directives for the organization. The Cattle Growers’ Policy Book allows the members of the organization to establish the stances ACGA staff and leadership will take on issues and challenges that might face our industry. Creating policy is one step in taking a proactive stance in the fight to protect our industry. Attached is a graphic that shows the policy development process along with instructions that detail how to participate in the conversation. 

This year is a big one for policy development, as many policies have already been proposed for addition to our policy book. At the Winter Meeting, we worked on the second step of the policy development process. Now, under the direction of ACGA’s Resolutions Committee, the policies are open for a 30-day comment period (ending March 24th). During this time, ACGA members should contact staff with comments or concerns, or reply to email notifications concerning the policies. At this time any changes, corrections, and/or deletions will be added to the report that will be presented to the membership. At the end of the comment period, the Resolutions Committee will ensure all policies brought forth are ready for membership deliberation, abide by our bylaws, and are free of grammatical and spelling errors. Step four in the policy development process will take place at ACGA’s Summer Convention. During this step the membership will review the policy report, discuss, and vote on the proposed policies. Additionally, members, counties, and committees can bring late resolutions to the floor during convention for deliberation.

To participate please give the ACGA office a call to gain access to the working document at 602.267.1129.

Thank you in advance for your efforts in making the policy book reflect our grass-roots structure!! ​ 


See you at Summer Convention, 

ACGA Leadership