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Animal Welfare. It's the Right Thing To Do.

Written by Jared Lyman, The Lyman Ranches

Image courtesy of the Arizona Beef Council

Hello, my name is Jared Lyman, and with my family, we raise beef cattle in the heart of Arizona. Our cattle graze on open range pastures that encompass more than 35,000 acres. The mother cows all have their babies out on the range, unassisted by us. The only exception to that is the first-time mothers. We keep them close to the house in case they have trouble. The cattle stay on the range year-round with the calves being weaned in late fall. The calves are then sold to other producers who continue to raise them until they are ready to be harvested and show up in markets, restaurants and homes throughout the world.

The range supplies the dietary requirements for our cattle with a variety of forage plants. To provide our cattle with trace elements and nutrients that are lacking in the forage, we provide trace minerals with salt, free choice, year-round. We also vaccinate our cattle against diseases that can have a devastating effect not only on the health of our herd but also have the potential to affect human health.

We have all been trained, certified in and follow Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) protocols to ensure our cattle are taken care of properly. These trainings and certifications teach best management practices pertaining to animal handling, animal welfare and proper and judicious use of all medications. To stay well-informed in an ever-changing industry, we enjoy attending workshops provided by the Arizona Department of Agriculture, University of Arizona, State and County Cattle Growers' Associations, Arizona Farm Bureau, and many others.

It is our goal to provide dependable and desirable products that consumers will enjoy. Our enterprise is that of raising beef cattle. It is financially important for us to take good care of our animals, and it’s the right thing to do.

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