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Announcing Local AZ Beef

Due to popular demand, we added a webpage to our website called "Local AZ Beef." This webpage lists all the ranchers in Arizona who sell beef directly to the consumer. It has become a trendy resource across the web. Each day we are continuing to add ranchers to the list to ensure it is accurate and complete. If you know of a ranch that is not listed, please send them our way!

The beef lifecycle is one of the most complex of any food. In a span of one and a half years to three years beef travels from pasture to plate with the help of an entire community of people. Cattle travel from cow-calf ranches to stockers to livestock markets to feed yards and finally to the packing plant.

Eight-five percent of the beef in the United States is taken to one of four large packing plants. Today, live cattle prices, the cattle market, is down over 30%. Boxed beef prices, the price each major beef packing plant sets, is up 15%. The price consumers are paying at the grocery store for beef is not being funneled down to the ranchers. Ranchers who a few months ago were barely making enough money to break even are now in the red. Many ranchers across Arizona and the country are being forced out of business, forced to walk away from ranches that have been in their families for generations because of unfair market prices.

How can you help? I encourage consumers to buy beef, support ranchers, and come this November, vote to elect/re-elect representatives who support American ranchers and are dedicated to a fair market.

Due to popular demand Cattle Growers' has compiled a list of ranchers who sell directly to the consumer. The beef these ranchers are selling is raised on their family ranches, and processed at small processing plants that are certified and inspected for retail sales.

To view the exciting addition visit

Thank you for supporting Arizona ranchers, buying beef directly from the rancher, and supporting the local economy!

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