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Announcing The Litigation Raffle

An ACGA member is quoted saying: "We can't all run for office or travel to Phoenix and Washington to speak with each Representative and Senator. We can't familiarize ourselves with every issue. Our time is spent raising food and caring for our land! BUT our ACGA staff can! ACGA staff is sharing your story with elected officials - they inject reason into issues on behalf of us - they help elected officials understand our needs!"

ACGA first became involved in lawsuits on behalf of its membership in the early 1980s when the Center For Law in the Public Interest brought suit against the State Land Department to invalidate all State grazing leases, alleging that grazing fees were set at an unconstitutionally low rate. ACGA's leadership concluded it necessary to inject reason into legal arguments on behalf of members. This fundraiser allows ACGA to deal with legal challenges that affect Arizona ranchers.

This year Punchy Cattle Company has made the raffle possible by donating our prizes! First place will be a $12,000 stock trailer, second place will be $5,000 feeder, and third place will be a $3,750 water tank.

To participate, buy your 300.00 raffle ticket today at or while registering for Summer Convention at

The proceeds will be tagged to Cattle Growers' litigation fund and will be used to deal with legal challenges that affect Arizona ranchers.

Please note:

  • You do not need to be an ACGA member to enter.

  • The drawing will take place at Summer Convention

  • You do not need to be present to win

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