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Beef's Big Ten Nutrients

Written by Tori Summey, Ag In the Classroom Manager for Arizona Farm Bureau

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It's no secret beef is packed with protein and other nutrients! But what exactly are you getting when you bite into a delicious, juicy steak or hamburger? Just 3-ounces of lean beef can provide you with the following:

  1. *Protein that makes you feel full while also helping your body preserve and build muscle!

  2. Iron that promotes cognitive health (memory, ability to learn, and reasoning) and helps your body use oxygen.

  3. *Zinc that fuels many bodily processes, including building muscles, healing wounds, and maintaining a healthy immune system.

  4. *Vitamin B12 that helps maintain brain function.

  5. *Vitamin B6 that promotes a healthy nervous system and the production of antibodies to help fight infection.

  6. *Selenium that helps your body protect cells from damage.

  7. Phosphorus that helps you build and maintain healthy bones and teeth.

  8. *Niacin that promotes healthy skin and nerves, aids digestion, and helps support energy production and metabolism.

  9. Choline that plays a vital role in cognition and memory functions while also supporting nervous system development.

  10. Riboflavin that helps the body convert food into fuel, while promoting healthy skin and good vision.

So really, when you’re choosing beef, you’re choosing to fuel your body for the future.

*Excellent Source- A 3-oz serving of lean beef provides at least 20% or more of the daily value for this nutrient of vitamin.

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