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Cordasco Honored as ACGA Cattleman of the Year

Expressing gratitude and sharing the Babbitt Ranches philosophy of Cowboy Essence, President and General Manager Billy Cordasco accepted the prestigious honor as the Arizona Cattle Grower’s Association Cattleman of the Year, Friday, July 16, during the 2021 ACGA Annual Summer Convention in Springerville.

“I am truly inspired by this honor,” said Cordasco. “On behalf of Babbitt Ranches, I am eager to continue to be a part of the agriculture industry’s efforts as it identifies and maintains its leadership role into the future.”

“This is a lifetime achievement award, as the recipient is someone who has dedicated his career to improving the beef cattle industry in Arizona,” stated ACGA Administrator Angela Lund.

An article in ACGA’s August Arizona Cattlelog states, “Cordasco has led the 750,000-acre ranch with a big-picture vision, optimism, respect and spirit of participation for 30 years, guiding the family business through reorganization efforts, public outreach and communication strategies, monumental conservation programs and the diversification of business ventures while maintaining and honoring long-held traditions, like the Annual Hashknife Colt Sale and principles reflected in The Constitution of Babbitt Ranches.”

The award recognizes Cordasco as a long-time member and supporter of ACGA, who has made significant contributions and demonstrated leadership regarding policy issues in agriculture, and also for substantial conservation and healthy range management practices.

During his leadership at Babbitt Ranches, Cordasco and the Babbitt family have set aside more than 40,000 acres in conservation easements to protect Northern Arizona’s open space in perpetuity.

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