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COVID-19 & What Are We Doing To Help

Yesterday ACGA submitted a letter to Arizona Department of Agriculture Director Mark Killian requesting an Agriculture Travel Exemption in such case Governor Ducey implements a “shelter-in-place” order as has been directed in other states. Though there is no current indication of a forthcoming order, the situation is fluid and can change in rapid fashion. Thus, ACGA felt the request to be prudent in order to protect the interests of our producers if necessary.

Further, AZFB reports: "Congress is currently debating a Phase 3 Relief Package known as the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES). The current package contains a $30 billion replenishment of the Commodity Credit Corporation with an additional temporary increase of $20 billion for COVID-19 response.

"The $50 billion would provide an opportunity for USDA to properly respond to the ongoing pandemic that will impact all of agriculture. "However, certain congressional offices are opposing the increase in funding and are constraining the flexibility on how the funds should be allocated. "Please do your part in the midst of the pandemic! Reach out to your congressional offices and let them know how much the farmers and ranchers are needing this package. Our country desperately rely's on them for food and clothing, especially when agriculture products are in such high demand!

"Click the link below to log in and send your message: "

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