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Introducing CopperState News

Greetings!  You may know me as the former owner/editor of Prescott eNews. I am no longer with that organization, and am excited to announce our new publication, CopperState News! We are aiming for a July 16th launch. Have you ever noticed that when statewide websites publish local and/or rural news, it’s always the bad news? Of course, bad news happens in our local communities, but there’s a lot of good news, too! Shouldn’t we share that?

So, we have created a website that will have local hubs for communities and focus areas, but it will also all feed into a central site called CopperState.News . (Yes, you read that right, it is a dot-News domain, not a dot-Com domain.)

We have our initial set of hubs set up, as you can see. If you have suggestions for more, please let us know! If you would like to see the entire presentation, here is a dropbox link: We also will have an active Social Media presence. We launched our Facebook page on July 1, and our posts already have reached 7661 people, and we have had 2000 minutes of video viewed! That’s the equivalent of 33 hours of watched videos! I’d like to invite you to send content to us to include in your local hub. Please send it to Editor@CopperState.News Sometimes the news will be shared with more than one hub when it is appropriate.  In the meantime, we have a few requests for you: 1. Make sure all content has an image to go with it. Our platform requires a main image for every article. We can help find one if necessary, but it will slow down the publication of your news piece. The images need to be fairly large, about 800px x 600 px. More than one image is great! If you do not have an image, send the information anyway, and our team will find one that is appropriate. 2. Please add to your media list.  3. If you know of anyone that would be interested in gathering and providing news from your community, please give them our contact information. We hope to start a Masterclass for local journalists at the beginning of August. We have hubs available across the state! We do have room for advertising with introductory rates starting as low as $50/month. Revenue will be important for growth, so if you are interested in advertising, or know someone who is, please contact Advertising@CopperState.News. Feel free to share this email with anyone who might be interested! I thank you for all that you do, Lynne LaMaster, Editor Editor@CopperState.News CopperState.News - Launching July 16! Sharing local news across Arizona

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