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New Format/Process to Guide ACGA's Nominating Committee

At the 2018 Annual ACGA Summer Convention in Prescott, the members of the Arizona Cattle Growers Association (ACGA) approved a new nominating process to elect leadership at ACGA. In the past, the ACGA Past Presidents served as the Nominating Committee, however, the ACGA by-laws were amended at the Arizona Cattle Growers Association 114th Annual Meeting in Prescott. Specifically, in regards to the nomination of officers, a new section "3.6 Nomination of Officers" was included in the by-laws and approved by the membership and Board of Directors. The new section reads as follows:

3.6 Nomination Officers

"A nominating committee shall be formed at least six months prior to the Annual Meeting of the Association for the purpose of nominating officers of the Association. The Nominating Committee shall consist of one person appointed by each county organization, the four Immediate Past Presidents, and the current (out-going) President. This committee shall give consideration to the nominations for equal representation of all geographic areas of the state and for continuity in the succession of the officers. This committee shall notify the members of its nominations at least 60 days before the biennial election of officers at the annual membership meeting. Such notice may be given in the Cattlelog, by mail, or by email. Other nominations can be received from county organizations no later than 30 days before the annual membership meeting. The Executive Vice President shall notify the membership of all nominations at least one week before the annual meeting. Following the report of the Nominating Committee at the election of officers, nominations may be made from the floor."

Andy Groseta, acting Immediate Past President serves as the Chairman of the Nominating Committee. At the recent Winter Meeting last month, he requested the County Cattlemen Affiliate Presidents and/or their representatives, to contact their respective affiliate organizations to come up with prospective nominees to be considered by the Nominating Committee.

As per the amended by-laws, the ACGA Nominating Committee consists of the following:

ACGA County Cattlemen Affiliate Presidents and/or Representatives:

County Directors

Apache Lance Knight

Arizona Strip Vacant

Cochise Fred Davis

Coconino Thomas Wilson

Gila Mike Hemovich

Graham Jeff Homack

Greenlee Doug Stacy

LaPaz Brian deGanahl

Maricopa Trevor Hall

Mohave Jack Fuller

Navajo Quinn Smith

Pima Clay Parsons

Pinal Catherine Mann

Santa Cruz Dean Fish

UA Collegiate

Livestock Growers' Christian Frazier

Yavapai Keith Cannon

Yuma Vacant

Four Immediate Past ACGA Presidents (must be current members)

Current (Outgoing) President:

Jay Whetten

The positions that will be available regarding the 2019-20 term at our upcoming 2019 Summer Convention, July 24-27, 2019 in Phoenix, are as follows:


1st Vice President

2nd Vice President





Our organization has been blessed with strong volunteer leadership over the years. ACGA is one of the oldest, largest, and is one of the most respected agricultural organizations in Arizona. We are much appreciative of all of those who came before us to make ACGA such a strong organization.

To continue the tradition, we are looking for good strong leaders to serve our organization and the ranching industry in our great state. We are requesting that you seriously consider who you think might make a great leader at ACGA. There is a major time commitment involved as there are quarterly Board Meetings to attend; and several Executive Committee Meetings that may be called during the year. Some of the meetings may be teleconference and some may require traveling to Phoenix and/or other locations in the state. In any event, ACGA needs strong leadership. Please contact any member of the Nominating Committee to provide your input.

The Chairman of the Nominating Committee has requested that the Nominating Committee members as identified above, discuss this process with their county organizations and submit Nominees back to the Chairman by March 31, 2019. The Nominating Committee will have several telephone calls to discuss the Nominees and how we as a Committee move forward to develop a list of recommended Nominees from the Nominating Committee to our membership. The election(s) regarding the new leadership team will occur at our 2019 Summer Convention in July in Phoenix.

If you have any questions, please contact Andy Groseta. Thanks.

928-634-4333 (office)

928-300-6621 (cell)

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