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PLC Update

PLC Friends and Family:

Because of the high esteem in which I hold you all, I want you to hear straight from the horse’s mouth: I have accepted a new position with NCBA as the Director of Government Affairs & Market Regulatory Policy. In this role, I will serve as the staff liaison to the Live Cattle Marketing Committee instead of the Federal Lands Committee. Sadly, this also means I will no longer be on staff for PLC, and my last day will be this Friday (5/22).

I would not feel comfortable with this transition if I thought it would cause harm to PLC’s underlying mission or jeopardize our policy objectives. I am confident it will not. The officers have been working overtime to represent PLC in discussions at the highest levels of government on grazing regulations, NEPA modernization, and ESA reform (to name a few). Furthermore, believe me when I say, you have no fiercer advocates than Kaitlynn, Jaclyn, and Allie. They are some of the most passionate, intelligent, and hard-working people I know (don’t tell them I got sentimental—I still have to see them every day and have a gruff reputation to uphold). Together, they will put more wins on the board on your behalf.

The current situation in the livestock markets has raised countless questions and caused many sleepless nights. I want to continue to be a resource for you as I move into this new portfolio. As always, I welcome your thoughts, concerns, and yes, even wise-cracks—keep me humble!

Finally, even though this isn’t really a goodbye, it seems appropriate to pause and say a sincere thank you. It would have been easy to dismiss the youngster still wet behind the ears when he began this job three years ago. None of you did. Instead you welcomed him into your circle and patiently showed him the ropes. I cannot adequately express my gratitude for your continued mentorship, leadership, and friendship. I can only hope this mere “thank you” shall suffice. Don’t be strangers. I still have the same email, the same phone number, and the same office.

Your friend,

Tanner J. Beymer Associate Director, Government Affairs

Center for Public Policy The Pennsylvania Building

1275 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Suite 801 Washington, DC 20004-1701 PH: 202.879.9107 |

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