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Ranch Rules From Out of the Blue - Chivalry

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Written by Ginger Cheney

Chivalry is not dead. The next generation is growing up in a society of political correctness and equality, and somewhere raising boys to be men is fast disappearing. Fortunately boys raised with agricultural backgrounds are still being taught to open doors, take off their hats, help others, and be polite. They are learning to be gentlemen. Our country still needs men.

I know I appreciate it when I shake a man’s hand or hug him and he takes his hat off. It makes me feel respected to have a door held open for me. I’m thankful when I get a “Yes, ma’am,” instead of a “Yeah.” I feel it is mannerly for a young man to get the gate or offer his seat to an older person. I have seen the difference between the youth that are taught these simple rules of respect versus those who are not. I still believe that respect should be shown to everyone.

Colten and Callee are the 6th generation on their family ranch. We all work as a family and they attend the same one-room school. Even though they spend a lot of time together and sometimes they act like siblings rather than cousins, Colten is still being taught to help someone younger than him and also to help a young lady. This is what America needs, young men being taught to be men.

Life lessons on the ranch will pay dividends to these young people for the rest of their lives. Will they all end up in the ranching industry? Probably not, but they will influence people around them wherever they go in a positive way. They will go out into the world with manners and people will respond to that respect. It is what our nation needs. Chivalry is not dead!

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