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Ranch Rules from Out of the Blue - Kindness

Writen by Ginger Cheney

Written by used to say, “That horse has kind eyes.” I’ve heard it about cows and dogs too. However it isn’t only animals, I’ve seen kindness in ranchers. I truly believe it takes someone with the right heart to be a cattleman. A good friend of mine told me a variation of this many years ago and I’m happy Arizona Cattle Growers’ is using it as a theme. “Many can be cowboys, but few can be cattlemen.” There is absolute truth in that statement. It takes kindness, honesty, integrity, ingenuity, animal husbandry, patience…the list goes on and on to be a true cattleman. There is something special about cattlemen.

You know the Golden Rule…treat others the way you want to be treated. How amazing would it be if people decided to follow that one rule?! You see it in agricultural and small communities. Neighbors helping neighbors, communities uniting, and families working together, examples of kindness, respect, and encouragement. One of the things that I have observed with the coronavirus outbreak is an outpouring of kindness everywhere. Our first responders, doctors, nurses, staff members, deliverers, and grocers still going to work, people sharing supplies, others shopping for high risk people, ranchers offering beef directly to consumers so people can self-quarantine and freezers can be filled, the list is endless. Sometimes through the darkest moments, the best comes out of people.

In this series of photos, Colten lost his hat during a pasture roping. Rather than riding off and going back to the others, KT went over and grabbed Colten’s hat for him. He exhibited cowboy etiquette, kindness, and demonstrated to a young man that a person should treat others well. KT was an example for Colten and it didn’t matter his age. Kindness, respect, and chivalry are something our world needs.

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