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Recruiting Wild Horse and Burro Division Chief

To our valued colleagues and partners,

The Bureau of Land Management needs your help please. We are recruiting for a senior manager in BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro program and would like to get the announcement far and wide. We are announcing the position through a “Delegated Examining Unit” meaning: a public job announcement opportunity. I think this approach may appeal to many qualified leaders outside the agency. Would you share with your teammates, partners, and interested private citizens?

I’ve heard that many folks think the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro program is too challenging, too controversial to be a rewarding career change. That’s just rumor and myth! My experience with a view from inside the program has shown me just how much an innovative, strategic, and courageous public servant serving as Division Chief can move the needle to improve public rangelands and the health of wild horse and burro herds.

Would you help me find the individual to fill that role permanently…the link to the announcement below provide good information about the duties of Division Chief.

Key information about the program can be found here. Thank you! And of course, I’m available for questions.

Division Chief, Wild Horse and Burros, GS-0340-15

Announcement No: NOC DE-20-1096821-LG

Opens: 05/19/2020  Closes:  06/02/2020

Locations: Reno, NV

Full Performance Level:  GS-15

Moving expenses : ARE authorized.

Open to:

- All U.S Citizens.

- CTAP/ICTAP eligibles within the local commuting area.


To apply, click on this link:USAJOBS

For more information about BLM: BLM Careers Page


Brian St George

Acting Assistant Director for Resources and Planning

Bureau of Land Management

(o) 303-239-3741

(m) 970-275-2215

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