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Sheriff Davis joins other law enforcement officials from across U.S. at End the Biden Border Crisis

What a great day in Hereford AZ at the FAIR end the Border Crisis Rally! There was a great turnout and fantastic speakers!

The take away; this isn't about political party affiliation, its about human safety and human health and welfare for humans on both sides of the border.

There is unfinished business that puts everyone at risk and it's being completely ignored.

John Ladd your strength and determination to carry on the tradition of Ranching, on the border, is truly an inspiration.

Longtime Wayne County Sheriff Keith Davis recently traveled to Phoenix, Ariz. for the 2021 National Sheriff’s Convention before continuing on his journey as he accepted his invitation to the Federal American Immigration Reform (FAIR) End the Biden Border Crisis Rally. Davis arrived in Sierra Vista for the rally that was held at the Ladd Ranch on the U.S.-Mexico border where John Ladd owns 16,000 acres of private land in Cochise County and commonly deals with illegal immigration issues at the border. Davis stated when FAIR realized the National Sheriff’s Convention was being held in Phoenix this year, they made arrangements for the rally to be held. “The whole intent for this rally in Ariz. was to lobby for immigration reform,” said Davis. “I became involved with this organization (FAIR) two years ago when they paid for me to go to Washington D.C. where they paid for all expenses for me as well as all other sheriffs that went out there.” “While there we had the opportunity to meet and visit with Angel Families,” Davis continued. “The Angel Families are families of victims that were killed by illegal immigrants.” To bring further awareness to the key issues of illegal immigration was the display of posters that were held up featuring the faces of victims that were killed by illegal immigrants with the single statement, “Can you see me now” across the top of each poster displayed. “I know it sounds political, but as the sheriffs down there kept saying, this is not political,” Davis said. “This is of public safety and a security matter for the United States.” While there Davis had the opportunity to also meet and visit with Tom Homan who is a former Director of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama and is also a Fox News Contributor as well as Mark Morgan who served as Commissioner of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. “I counted 29 other sheriffs there from across the U.S. and they had us go on stage to introduce ourselves,” Davis said. “I talked about the drug issues that are connected here in Wayne County as well as for Iowa the story of Mollie Tibbetts. There was a pretty good sized crowd and people recognized Mollie’s name.” With the rally being held on the Arizona ranch of John Ladd, Davis noted the issues Ladd has personally dealt with through the years. “He has complained and the stats I remember being mentioned were he has found 49 dead bodies on his ranch of immigrants coming across with his land being right at the border,” Davis continued. Former Iowa native Mark Dannels currently serves as the Cochise County Sheriff where border patrol issues has affected him in a personal manner as well. “He has been the sheriff there for many years now and his son was a police officer for the City of Sierra Vista,” began Davis. “He spoke about how bad the border crisis is noting that his son as a member of the police department was in a shoot out and killed one of the sons of a member of the drug cartel. A hit was put out on him immediately and informants from Mexico let the sheriff know this information before they got his son and family out of there, flying them out of state.” “Security was also increased around the sheriff’s property with more frequent patrols and such,” Davis continued. “When his neighbor went out to smoke a cigarette at midnight one evening, it was the one time nicotine saved a life when he saw people crouched down outside. He’s had two hits put on him and been in eight shoot outs so it is very violent for them living there unfortunately.” Davis stated it was mentioned the influx of illegal immigrants is a cover by the drug cartel. “They say the drug cartel has really increased with the amount of fentanyl coming across is enough to kill thousands and thousands of people,” stated Davis. “They’ve had drug seizures like 300 pounds of methamphetamine and right now the feds won’t even prosecute it.” According to demographics from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection site, Southwest Land Border Encounters have dramatically increased from 23,237 in May of 2020 to the now 180,034 in May 2021. Davis noted a jump of nearly 30,000 encounters taking place between November 2020 to January 2021 as the U.S. Presidency switched administrations. “This absolutely can affect us here in Iowa as once the illegal immigrants make their way across the border, they aren’t staying there, they are spreading out to other states like here in Iowa,” Davis said in closing. “What we have to worry about here is the drugs and human trafficking. Drugs are the biggest thing and most likely, but human trafficking is a big concern as well. Both are an absolute that can happen unfortunately with this crisis.”

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