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Tips for Launching a Sustainable Startup

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An eco-friendly entrepreneur, or “ecopreneur”, is someone who is passionate about the environment and strives to have a positive impact on the world through sustainable business practices. Becoming an ecopreneur is a great way to do business. You get to make a living while supporting the planet! If you want to launch your own green business, check out these tips and resources from the Arizona Cattle Growers’ Association.

Why Become an Ecopreneur?

While caring about nature is a great reason to become an ecopreneur, there are several other benefits involved in launching a green business.

37% of consumers are willing to shop around and pay more for environmentally friendly products.

● Implementing eco-friendly practices can save you money by reducing waste and lowering your utility costs.

● Eco-friendly companies enjoy generous tax breaks!

● Starting a green business is easy with the help of online formation services.

Startup Ideas for Green Businesses

Ready to become an ecopreneur? Start brainstorming business ideas that will have a positive impact on the planet.

● Package and ship your products in eco-friendly materials that are reusable or recyclable.

● Launch an energy consulting firm to advise clients on how to improve their energy efficiency.

● Start a sustainable urban farm and sell your produce to local markets.

● You could even start a local business offering eco-friendly landscaping services.

Demonstrating Your Commitment to Sustainability

You can further display your business’ sustainability by joining the Green Business Bureau and making charitable donations. Just be sure to avoid greenwashing!

● Join the Green Business Bureau to become a certified green business.

● Donate a portion of your revenue to environmental charities like Rainforest Alliance and Ocean Conservancy.

● Be careful to avoid greenwashing, the practice of preaching green values without acting on them.

Few things are more rewarding than launching a business that supports a cause you care about. If you want to support the environment and pursue your goals of becoming a business owner, consider combining these two passions and becoming an ecopreneur. Start brainstorming business ideas today!

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