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So, What Are the Requirements for a Doctoral Dissertation?

All the rules and recommendations for completing a doctoral dissertation can be viewed from five angles:

  • Requirements for publications;

  • Requirements for an applicant for a degree;

  • Requirements for the scientific consultant (curator) for the project;

  • Study design parameters;

  • Research protection.

Each of the categories clearly outlines the main points and conditions for the implementation of a scientific article (work) and is mandatory. In case of violations, the study will not be allowed (disqualified) for defense, it will require improvements, which can take a lot of time. Who is eligible for a doctoral dissertation?

Publication Requirements

As you know, the doctoral dissertation is based on proven and reliable facts obtained from previously completed works, experimentally, analytical thought, etc. It is important that the author of the doctoral dissertation draw up all the intermediate results of the research in the form of scientific articles and publish them in the appropriate publications: HAC-journals, peer-reviewed scientific journals, electronic scientific platforms and databases (WoS, Scopus, Elibrary, RSCI, etc.).

The main parameters and conditions put forward in relation to publications affect the following aspects:

  • Relevance. This criterion means that the study should include author's publications, the date of publication of which does not exceed 3 years, and the problem considered in them remains relevant (requiring a solution) to the present.

  • Significance. In scientific articles, the author will briefly describe the results obtained during the experiment or study. They will be of an intermediate nature, but at the same time push the researcher to further actions, emphasizing the significance of the project as a whole and a separate stage, the desire for scientific achievement and recognition by the scientific community.

  • Quantity. The VAK has established a certain minimum number of published materials that should be involved in the study as self-plagiarism and self-citation: for research in the field of cultural studies, social and human sciences, the socio-economic industry - not 15 articles, for other scientific fields - at least 10 works.

Please note that scientific articles are published strictly in peer-reviewed publications. You can find them in the official lists developed by the Higher Attestation Commission (on the official website of the department). It is also important that the presence of patents, inventions increase the authority of the author in the eyes of the commission and are taken into account as a VAK article, which means they can be included in the research if they coincide with the topic of the study.

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