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At Arizona Cattle Growers’ Association we protect, promote, and sustain Arizona cattle ranching for present and future generations through grassroots advocacy, policy formation, and education.


Serving the Arizona ranching community, we represent ranchers, and beef producers in both a legislative and regulatory capacity. We provide comprehensive and extensive information to our membership to help foster their legacies and do their jobs better everyday! And we share the ranching story with the public!

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"ACGA leadership and staff are working around the clock to protect our industry for present and future generations.

ACGA is fighting for the interests of producers, promotes and shares the story of the ranching industry, maintains an informed membership base, and provides opportunities for members to become educated on issues of importance

Today, I invite you to join, and be a part of the solution to the issues that Arizona ranchers are faced with."

- Billy Elkins, northeastern Arizona rancher and ACGA President

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Headquarter News

Quiet on the set!

The three chefs were the most fun, down to earth, genuine guys we could have imagined! They rolled up in the ultimate RV, the “Earth Roamer" and got out at the tack shed. The horses were saddled up, outfitted with GoPro cameras and our crew was ready to go.

Gino walked up to the mechanical bull and asked: “What’s this?" Emmett told Gino, “It’s to train guys to ride bucking horses!” Gino asked if they could ride it. Let the fun begin! First, they tried to buck each other off - even riding it backward, oh my!

Soon after the bull rides, we headed out to gather cattle from our mountain pasture. Our neighbor ranchers had brought the cattle to a hold up, about a mile from the house. Emmett, the chefs, and I headed that way to catch up to the herd and helped bring the drive in to the house. 

During the ride out to the cattle, we had an opportunity to talk about ranch life, raising cattle in the West, the forage that...


“Many voices united in a cause is stronger and much more impactful than one voice standing alone. Cattle Growers' is the best voice we, as a cattle industry have.”

Andy Groseta