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ACGA is a member-driven organization. Members have the opportunity to participate in the policy-making process during the Winter Meeting and Summer Convention. These policies are what drive the organization through the next year.

With these policies, ACGA represents Arizona ranchers at the State Capitol and in Washington. This has been a very productive session for Arizona Cattle Growers. ACGA refined and helped correct many pieces of legislation that might have been hurtful to our members. We also played an integral role in shaping the revised livestock regulations, recently approved by the Department of Agriculture. We have a unique opportunity given our strong relationship with Governor Hobbs, the Department of Agriculture, the State Land Office, and Legislative leadership to shape our priorities for the next session and accomplish tasks vital to our industry.

Policy Development is where ACGA’s members, through our grassroots focus, create directives for the organization. The Cattle Growers’ Policy Book allows the members of the organization to establish the stances ACGA staff and leadership will take on issues and challenges that might face our industry. Creating policy is one step in taking a proactive stance in the fight to protect our industry. Here is a graphic that shows the policy development process along with instructions that detail how to participate in the conversation.

ACGA Policy Process Graphicfinal.png
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