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Local AZ Beef

Thank you for supporting Arizona ranchers, buying beef directly from the rancher, and supporting the local economy!

The beef lifecycle is one of the most complex of any food. In a span of one and a half years to three years beef travels from pasture to plate with the help of an entire community of people. Cattle travel from cow-calf ranches to stockers to livestock markets to feed yards and finally to the packing plant. 

Beef lifecyle graphic.png

Eight-five percent of the beef in the United States is taken to one of four large packing plants to be sold at restaurants, grocery stores, and fast food joints. The remainder of beef is processed in smaller processing plants around the country and sold directly by the rancher to the consumer. We encourage consumers to buy beef, support ranchers and come this November, vote to elect/re-elect representatives who support American ranchers and are dedicated to fair markets. 

Due to popular demand Cattle Growers' has compiled a list of ranchers who sell directly to the consumer. The beef these ranchers are selling is raised on their family ranches and processed at small processing plants certified and inspected for retail sales. 

The list of ranchers who sell to the consumer can be seen by clicking the box below.

Do you want to help even more? Take a quick selfie with your beef, and the rancher who raised it and post it to social media. Don't forget to tag @azcattlegrowers in photos of your post and include the #arizonacattle to help bring awareness!

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