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“Arizona Cattle Growers' Association has been around for more than a century!   You now have new Officers and a number of new Board members, and we are merely an extension of you, we are ranchers, we tend to our cattle, we work our land, we fix, repair and provide infrastructure to our herds”.  But to know where you’re going, you need to know where you’ve come from.  The first meeting occurred in Tucson in Oct. 1903, ACGA was formed with seventy-eight members in Jan. 1904.  Originally some of the goals were, protect the cattle industry from rustlers and brand tampering.  Since then, ACGA has expanded its efforts to include education on such topics as cattle management, breeding including cattle and horses, cattle diseases, genetics, range and watershed management, grazing, wildlife habitat, wilderness, water rights, taxation and land ownership.  ACGA lobby’s on your behalf on all these issues and more.  ACGA has long been the organization which state, federal and other public government officials turned too for advice on these issues.  ACGA has always had members who were very influential in Arizona politics, many who have served in the Arizona legislature.  The cattle industry amounts to approx. 18% of Arizona’s economy, 1.7 Billion.  We were then and we are now a vital component of the Arizona economy, we not only feed Arizona, we help feed the world.

                        Mike Gannuscio, Proud to be ACGA President

Member Benefits

Becoming a member of the Arizona Cattle Growers' Association means taking part in a grassroots, membership-driven organization that has been the cornerstone in protecting, representing, and providing information to Arizona's livestock producing families since 1903. 

As a member, you will receive:

  • A monthly subscription to the Arizona Cattlelog magazine

  • Email updates including industry and organization news

  • Full-time representation at the Legislature and Congress

  • Influence with governor-appointed boards and commissions

  • Access to educational events and workshops

  • Exclusive member discounts at businesses across the state

  • Member only event pricing

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