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About ACGA

Our Story

The Arizona Cattle Growers' Association (ACGA) was founded when a small group of concerned cattlemen took it upon themselves to help structure the cattle industry's future in this great state. Their primary concern was that there be orderly, systematic laws protecting livestock and property. On January 4, 1903, these dedicated cattlemen organized the ACGA.


Today, ACGA is a grassroots non-profit association representing, protecting, promoting, and sustaining an atmosphere conducive to profitable ranching.

ACGA will promote the common interest and perform the following responsibilities: 


  • Advocating for or against legislation depends on whether it is in the best interest of our members. 

  • Perform public relations activities promoting the ranching and cattle industry's image and heritage.

  • Build positive relationships with key individuals, media, agencies, consumers, schools, and others important to ranching and the cattle industry.

  • Initiate, enter, defend, or prepare a response to litigation as needed. 

  • Consistently provide timely and accurate information to our members.

  • Provide opportunities for members to become educated on issues of importance.

  • Maintain an informed membership base

  • Build alliances with common interest groups.

Past presidents of the Yavapai Cattle Growers Association in 1961 photo from
Members at our Winter Meeting listening to the legislative updates of our  lobbyist, Jeff Eisenberg

Our Mission

At Arizona Cattle Growers’ Association, we protect, promote, and sustain Arizona cattle ranching for present and future generations through grassroots advocacy, policy formation, and education.

Our Vision

To establish and build political action, producer education, and consumer promotion that will protect the future of Arizona ranching

Past President's Message 

I am a third-generation rancher in the Verde Valley.  My wife, Mary Beth, and I own the W Dart Ranch, a cow/calf operation that is located between Cottonwood and Camp Verde.  We are very proud that we have the 3rd, 4th, and 5th generations living and working on our ranch. 


I was raised believing that you should “give back to the industry” that is your livelihood.  I have been very fortunate and blessed in serving in leadership roles from the local level up to the National level.  I am a former President of the Yavapai Cattle Grower’s Association, the Arizona Cattle Grower’s Association, and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.  I have also served as Arizona’s Voting Director for the national Public Lands Council. 


I am serving my “third hitch” as the Immediate Past President of ACGA.  I invite you and your neighbors to become more involved in ACGA as we need your input and ideas to make it a better organization.  With your help, we can be a strong, vibrant organization to better serve the ranching industry in Arizona.  Andy Groseta, Past President 

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