About ACGA

The Arizona Cattle Growers' Association (ACGA) was founded when a small group of concerned cattlemen took it upon themselves to help structure the future of the cattle industry in this great state. Their primary concern was that there be orderly, systematic laws protecting livestock and property. On January 4, 1903, these dedicated cattlemen organized the ACGA. Today, ACGA is a grassroots non-profit association that represents, protects, promotes, and sustains an atmosphere conducive to profitable ranching.

The ACGA will promote the common interest and perform the common responsibilities of its members by:

  • Performing federal and state legislative activities consisting of proposing and reviewing legislation and lobbying for or against legislation as in the best interest of ACGA.

  • Performing public relations activities that will promote the image and heritage of the ranching and cattle industry, build positive relationships with key individuals, media, agencies, consumers, schools and others important to ranching and the cattle industry.

  • Initiate, enter into, defend or prepare a response to litigation in the collective good of the common interest and importance.

  • Consistently provide timely and accurate information to the membership that is of common interest and importance.

  • Provide opportunities for members to become educated on issues of importance.

  • Maintain a strong and informed membership base. Build alliances with common interest groups.

Our Mission

At Arizona Cattle Growers’ Association we protect, promote, and sustain Arizona cattle ranching for present and future generations through grassroots advocacy, policy formation, and education.

President's Message 

Written by Billy Elkins

Our Story

Our Vision

To establish and build political action, producer education, and consumer promotion that will protect the future of Arizona ranching

Arizona Cattle Growers’ Association leadership and staff are working around the clock to protect our industry for present and future generations. ACGA is fighting for the interests of producers in relation to issues like wildfire prevention & recovery, endangered species, Antiquities Act, water & wetlands, wild horse & burro, gray wolf, and Equal Access to Justice Act, and many other topics effecting our industry daily. ACGA advocates for the benefits of land management, rural development, open spaces, protecting natural resources, and preservation of lands, and urges the importance of the public lands grazing program for the United States. Cattle Growers’ promotes and shares the story of the ranching industry and builds positive relationships with media, common interest groups, agencies, consumers, schools, and others that will promote the image and heritage of the ranching and cattle industry. ACGA maintain a strong and informed membership base by consistently providing timely and accurate information. Additionally, the Association provides opportunities for members to become educated on issues of importance. Today, I invite you to step up, join ACGA, and be a part of the solution to the issues that Arizona ranchers are faced with.

Written by Jay Whetten 

Past President's Message 

ACGA has established more than a strong relationship with the Governor and his staff, the Arizona Department of Agriculture, the Arizona State Land Department, and other key agencies and politicians. New relationships with government officials have been forged - we know them! They know us! Ties to NCBA, PLC, AZFB, WACC, Game & Fish, U of A and others have been strengthened. We have participated in the Arizona Mexico Sonora Commission and have greatly strengthened our position with folks from the South.

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